All about property surveys in Brisbane

When you find a property that you want to buy, you would have to look for a surveyor. The surveyor would then carry out a detailed check of the building you are interested in. it is essential to ire the right surveyor in Brisbane. Whether you are planning to buy or sell a house, a surveyor’s services are crucial.

While the mortgage providers do carry out their own surveys, it’s always better to have a survey carried out on your own as well. It provides reassurance that you are about to take the right step.

Types of surveys

It should be kept in mind that every property is different and would require a specific kind of survey, the following are the most common kind of surveys carried out by surveyors in Brisbane.

Condition reports

As the name suggests this report actually gives an account of the condition of the building at the time of sale. However it’s more of a general over view then a detailed report. The things which are considered in this report include

  • Any hazardous issues pertaining to the building. For example if the structure of the building is on the verge of collapse, this is going to be mentioned in the report.
  • Any issue which might lead to serious damage in the future
  • Some major issues which should be attended to immediately.

Condition reports are not too expensive and can cost anywhere from$200 to $400 depending on the size of the property and the extent of damage which has to be surveyed.

Home buyer reports

People who are considering buying a home or renovating a home should go for a home buyer report. You can call an independent surveyor in Brisbane to write this kind of report. The home buyer report comprises of a market valuation of the property. It would also contain a list of all the defects in a property and hat impact these would have on its market value.

  • It would analyze the underground draining and the roofing system
  • All faults in the property which would have an impact on its price
  • Necessary recommendations which a homeowner should make to improve the value of the building

A home buyer report is generally more expensive when compared to a condition report because it’s more in depth.

A building survey

A building survey is one of the most detailed reports done by a surveyor and consists of an in depth analysis of the whole property. This kind of survey works best if you are interested in purchasing a property which could be decades older. You can expect all of the following points in a building survey:

  • All major or minor defect within the building and a detailed report on handing these issues.
  • Maintenance advice
  • Assessment of damp proofing, drainage and insulation issues

It should be kept in mind that this is the most expensive kinds of surveys and could set you back by almost $1000 or so.

Since a surveyor report is essential when buying a property make sure you hire the right surveyors in Brisbane.

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