Best Health Benefits of Commercial Sparkling Water Tap

Daily normal activities make people lose a crucial 60% amount of water nutrient of the body. Not being able to consume the recommended 8 glasses per day runs the risk of severe dehydration.

However, many people don’t like the taste of tap water. The commercial sparkling tap water provides the perfect solution for people to like the taste of water to stay healthily hydrated.

What makes sparkling water different?

Carbonated water is another name for sparkling water. The simple act of dissolving carbon dioxide in ordinary tap water creates sparkling water. Filtered commercial sparkling water involves the addition of bubbles other than the carbonation process.

What this whole water carbonation process means is enjoying the health benefits provided by plain water with the added excitement of a fizzy and refreshing drink.

Installing a commercial sparkling water tap in the workplace provides employees a host of benefits, to include:

Helps digestive problems

Drinking a tall glass of filtered commercial sparkling water has been seen to tame frequent stomach issues such as stomach upset, dyspepsia, and indigestion. A Gastroenterology study discovered a marked improvement with people suffering from constipation, gallbladder, dyspepsia, and overall digestion when they drank sparkling water for two weeks. Calming nausea and some form of stomach bug have also seen improvement in drinking sparkling water. The absence of sugar in sparkling water makes it extra beneficial for installing commercial sparkling water tap in workplaces.

Increased productivity

Employees tend to become sluggish during the afternoons. This usually encourages a lot of them to grab a cup of tea or coffee as a way to ward off low energy levels. However, a company that installs a commercial sparkling water tap in the kitchen area of the workplace reaps the benefits of high productivity.

Multiple research studies have discovered that mild dehydration can make the brain stop working well. The best solution to jolt the brain is to hydrate with a tall glass of sparkling water. Cognitive performance such as short-term memory, attention span, and reaction time receive a much-needed boost simply by drinking a glass of refreshing and fizzy sparkling water.

Stay healthily hydrated

Many people have the mistaken concept that sparkling water dehydrates instead of hydrating the systems of the body. Experts have dismissed this common misconception stating that plain water’s thirst-quenching benefits are the same with sparkling water. Yet, sparkling water offers more than just thirst-quenching benefits.

The filtered sparkling water especially guarantees healthy and clean water. This is because of the removal of harmful chemicals, organic compounds, and contaminants that can be present in plain water. Adding the extra fizz to sparkling water makes it the healthiest and most exciting way of drinking water.

Helps you to lose weight

Controlling weight or losing extra pounds can be achieved by the fizzy sparkling water. The fizzy bubbles in sparkling water have proven to make people feel fuller, thus making them eat less. Drinking a glass of sparkling water 30 minutes before any meal of the day fills your stomach and tricks your brain to feel fuller.

A host of commercial sparkling water taps are available in the market today make it easy for hotels, corporate offices, restaurants, and offices to make it a part of the workplace.